School of Architecture

General Information

School of Architecture of Shenyang Ligong University, a young and vigorous institute, was founded in 2013. Currently, it features an undergraduate program - Architecture. The school consists of in total 17 faculty members, including 1 professor, 10 associate professors, 2 lecturers and 4 teaching assistants. The full-time faculty, of whom 3 hold the qualifications of National First-level Registered Architect and National Registered Urban Planner, all graduated from prestigious universities with doctor’s or master’s in Architecture.

Our school retains a clear-cut educational philosophy and distinct characteristics. Based in the northeastern economic zone, the School aims to foster talents in the realm of applied engineering and technology to serve the local social and economic development. It thus places emphasis on providing the undergraduates with a strong theoretical foundation and comprehensive practical training while broadening professional horizon and encouraging creativity so as to forge qualified architects out of them. Upon graduation, the students, consequently, will be able to engage in the design of architecture, interior and exterior environmental design, architectural administration and technological management etc. In accordance with the above objectives and characteristics, the undergraduate program mainly centers around the following concentrations:

  • 1. The military and industrial building design and theoretical research;
  • 2. The ecological building skin and application of green building materials;
  • 3. The ecological civil building in cold regions and theoretical research;
  • 4. The protection and utilization research of ancient architectural heritage in Liaoning province;
  • 5. The protection and re-utilization research of the industrial heritage in Liaoning province;
  • 6.The building information model theory and application research;
  • 7.Architectural art and culture research.

The school has complete teaching and research facilities, including book archives, classrooms for specific purpose, architectural model laboratory, laboratory of mapping ancient architecture, architectural three-dimensional digital laboratory, buildings and urban information technology laboratory, architectural ecological and physical technology laboratory, material and structure display room, comprehensive exhibition hall, painting classrooms etc.

Scientific research

School of Architecture of Shenyang Ligong University, relying on the revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China, aims to serve the local social and economic development and foster talents in the realm of applied engineering technology and integrates theory with research and practice so that it comes up with the specific educational concentrations: the military and industrial building design and theoretical research; the ecological building skin and application of green building materials; the ecological civil building in cold regions and theoretical research; the protection and utilization research of ancient architectural heritage in Liaoning province; the protection and reutilization research of the industrial heritage in Liaoning province; the building information model theory and application research; the architectural art and culture research, etc.. The School endeavors to cultivate academic leaders in related academic realms and harvest a series of awards in scientific research at national, provincial and municipal levels. Up to now, the School has undertaken 1 crosswise scientific research project of educational reform of Liaoning Province and 2 social science research projects of Shenyang City and published more than 10 research papers.

In order to meet teaching needs and develop steadily, the School has been improving and constructing laboratories and practice bases. Until now, the construction of the building model laboratory and the laboratory of mapping ancient architecture has been done. Meanwhile, according to the schedule required by courses, coordinating with the construction of other related laboratories, the school will accelerate the construction of laboratory of digital simulation, laboratory of building physics, laboratory of building materials, laboratory of building mechanics, graph evaluation rooms, etc..

Academic exchange

School of Architecture of Shenyang Ligong University was founded in 2013. Ever since, it has been actively promoting academic exchange in the field of architecture. In an attempt to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching, the School, through academic exchange, enhances students' learning ability and students' communication skills, broadens their horizons and helps them acquire divergent thinking technique so as to raise their overall professional standard.

In the process of academic exchange, the School focuses on three aspects of communication and integration. First, emphasizing both domestic and international academic exchange; second, attaching importance to both theoretical study and practical experience; third, highlighting the exploration and inspiration of the students.

(1)Promoting both domestic and international academic exchange

To keep updated with the newest trends in the field of architecture, broaden the horizon and widen the scope of their knowledge, the School has been actively promoting both domestic and international academic exchange. We have regularly invited domestic and international scholars in the field of architecture to come and do academic lectures and teaching in our school. For this academic exchange purpose Tomsk Polytechnic University of Russia and University of Rome have so far paid several visits to our school.

(2) Conducting academic exchange and practical training between college and enterprises

Aiming to integrate architectural theory with practical operations and get students well prepared for the requirements of enterprises, our school strictly follows the teaching concept of integrating theory with practice and therefore extensively cooperates with many enterprises such as Tianyuan Landscape Design Co., Ltd., Liaoning Province Planning and Design Research Institute, Dandong Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

(3) Advancing academic exchange and cultural activities between universities.

Our School has organized a range of students’ academic exchange and cultural activities, joined by Shenyang Architecture University, Northeastern University, Harbin Industrial University etc. In addition, we have effectively developed joint training programs with those universities.

Introduction to specialties & curriculum

School of Architecture enrolls students according to “Architecture Class”. With a 5-year school system, students should take basic curriculum in the first two years and take professional orientation curriculum in the last three years. There are principles of Architectural Design and History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture in the platform of the main basic curriculum.

Architecture mainly studies the overall understanding of architecture, architectural space and shape, the functional uses of architecture, architectural economy and technology and solutions of architectural arts. By understanding and mastering the basic theories of architectural design, the students will build up systematic architectural views; by a series of architectural design teaching, the students will develop architectural design proposal innovation competency, comprehensive expression skills, architectural research and analytical ability, coordination and organizational skills and marketing adaptation ability. The major aims to train high-level professionals in architectural design, urban planning and interior design.

The major mainly focuses on developing the students’ innovative and creative abilities, training the students with solid engineering foundation, with strong image thinking and artistic expression, with qualified architects’ abilities in complete architectural design, urban design, landscape and interior design. Graduates mainly join architectural design companies, real estate industry or relevant government departments to be engaged in architectural design, urban design landscape and interior design. The graduates are entitled to participate in the national registered architect exam in a period of design work. It has passed the national architecture education assessment and has been qualified to grant the bachelor degree of architecture.

Main courses: Modeling Foundation, Descriptive Geometry and Shade Shadow Perspective, Computer Application Foundation, Architectural Design, Building Codes and Regulations, Architectural Aesthetics, Chinese Architectural History, Foreign Architectural History, Architectural Building Structure, Modern Architectural Thought and Works Analysis, Building Equipment, Engineering Mechanics, Architectural Physics, Building Materials, Urban Planning, Urban Design, architectural Economics, Graduation Project.

Main professional experimental and practical teaching Sections: Drawing Sketches Practice, Architectural Innovation Course Design, Architectural Course Design, 3D Engineering Software Practice, Integrated Curriculum Design, Ancient Building Measurement Practice, Building Research and Practice, Construction Production Practice, and Graduation Practice.