School of Economics and Management

General Information

The School of Economics and Management was established in 1978, which recruited the first undergraduates in 1981. Through over 30-year development, the School of Economics and Management has made the inspiring achievements on discipline construction, intellect cultivation, scientific research and student management.

The school has a first-level discipline of Master of Business Administration which includes five second-level masters, namely, business administration, accounting, international trade, technological economy and management and logistics management. It also bears an MBA discipline with degree authorization. Across economics, management and law, three classes of disciplines, the undergraduate education bears ten undergraduate majors, including business administration, accounting, marketing, information management and information system, international economics and trade, finance, economics, logistics management, e-business and law. At present, the number of undergraduates is 3600 and the graduates is 106. The total number of students in MBA, MPACC and Master’s Degree of Finance is 201.

Staff---The number of faculty is 123, which includes 18 professors, 52 associate professors, 2 provincial top teachers, 1 specialist in Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 person in Provincial 100 Intellects Programmer and 2 persons in Provincial 1000 Intellects Programmer. Teachers with master’s degree and doctor’s degree cover 80% of the faculty, including 25 owning doctor’s degree.

Teaching condition---An updating experimental teaching center containing an e-business lab, an ERP simulation game lab, an accounting simulation lab, a logistics management lab, a decision-management and marketing simulation lab, a finance lab and an international trade lab; A base of law practical education including a moot court, a teenager court and a legal clinic; A library and reference room collecting over 30,000 books, more than 52 species of magazines and 30 off-campus bases for practice teaching.

Research development and discipline building-The discipline construction has made great progress in recent years. In 2012, the Business Administration Major ranked 50 in the nationwide evaluation of first-class master degree units and 5 in province. With the development of the discipline building, the school possesses 5 echelons of disciplines, enterprise management, technology economics and management, accounting, international trading and supply chain and logistics management, and 4 research centers, business administration research center, institute of economics, institute of commodity circulation and institute of project management. Meanwhile, with the improvement of the ability of scientific research, it took 1 national program for science and technology development, 4 national programs for science fund, 1 national program for social science fund, 2 projects of Ministry of Education and hosted 62 projects of social scientific planning fund in Liaoning province, provincial planned research topics and some provincial projects of Liaoning Provincial Committee of Education, Liaoning Provincial Committee of Science and Technology, Liaoning Provincial Federation of Humanities and Social Science and Technology Bureau in Shenyang. It also conducted 200 projects from customer corporations and companies, which added RMB 6,783,000 RMB to the research and development. Many achievements in scientific research have been adopted and put into application by relevant official departments and customer enterprises, which has made a great contribution to the economic construction in Shenyang and Liaoning Province. Over 531 theses were published in national and international conferences and many influential academic journals. 31 monographs and 52 teaching materials of editing and subediting were published. Among these achievements, the school won a second prize of Liaoning Province scientific-technical progress, five third prizes of Liaoning Province philosophy and social science, fourteen outstanding achievement prizes of Liaoning Province educational science, three second prizes and ten third prizes of Liaoning Province academic achievements for nature, a first prize and five third prizes of Shenyang Municipality scientific and technological progress.

In recent years, the school yields fruitful results by the corporation with institutions of higher education from USA, UK, Canada, Russia and Australia in the fields of undergraduate cultivating, academic exchange and scientific research.

Teaching research---Due to the reform of teaching methods and means, the quality of teaching has been improved steadily. The school has three provincial excellent courses of management information system, technological economics and international trade theory and practice, two provincial video excellent courses of e-business and accounting, an award for provincial teaching team of information management and information system, an award for provincial feature profession and comprehensive pilot profession of information management and information system, one first prize and two the third prizes for teaching results.

Business Administration

Adhering to the educational philosophy of cultivating students foremost, reforming and innovation, strengthening the features, guided by meeting the needs of the management personnel in the enterprises and industries, Business Administration Major aims to cultivate graduates to master basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills in the business administration and develop morally, intellectually and physically so as to be senior applied talents with innovative spirit, practice ability, comprehensive management ability and executive capability. Graduates can be engaged in human resource management, financial management, production planning, administration management, project management, marketing and management decision-making and so on in the government, the enterprises and institutions.

Business Administration Major has set up a high-quality teaching staff and a perfect mechanism of talent cultivation to gear to the needs of economic entities, focus on the industrial enterprises and strengthen the cultivation of the comprehensive management ability and executive capability. A large number of excellent management talents have been cultivated for the state and society and the credit for the excellent performance was given by enterprises. The employment rate has reached more than 90% in the last three years. Since the first time of enrollment in the year of 1984, more than 2500 people have been employed and become the backbone of the enterprises and institutions.


Based on the modern market economy and the development needs of the equipment manufacturing industry, Accounting Major aims to cultivate professional talents with integrity, humanistic spirit and scientific literacy and the knowledge and skills of accounting, auditing, financial management, economy and management. The talent cultivation model combines degree education with professional qualification training and highlights practice teaching and cost accounting, which enables students to be qualified for the jobs in the areas of accounting, auditing, financial management, teaching and scientific research in profitable or non-profitable organizations.

International Economics and Trade

The International Economics and Trade in Shenyang Ligong University started to recruit undergraduates with 4-year schooling throughout the country in 1987. In 2007, it began to recruit graduates with 2.5-year schooling. For years, the International Economics and Trade has always been adhering to the educational philosophy of cultivating students foremost, reforming and innovation, strengthening the features and promoting quality. In terms of the aim of cultivating the talented, it has been insisting to cultivate the high-quality applicable students morally, intellectually and physically with intercultural communicative competence and a strong social responsibility, who can understand the basic theories of economics and international trade. In terms of the major features, it has proposed that English should be taken as a working language, English teaching and the ability in the process operation of international trade and customs clearance business should also be strengthened. The graduates can be engaged in business operation, managing, advertising , planning etc in foreign economics and trade departments, foreign-funded enterprises and some other foreign companies.


Guided by the social needs, the Finance Major aims to cultivate the high-quality applicable financial talents with macroscopic views, the systematic financial theories, the noble professional ethics, a sense of innovation and a good ability in financial business operation. After graduation, they are competent to work in the government, enterprises and financial institutions such as banks, security companies and insurance companies.


Cultivation Goals and Employment Orientation

Based on the social needs of market economy, Marketing Major aims to cultivate the applicable professional talents with integrity, humanistic spirit and scientific literacy and the basic theoretical knowledge of management, economics and marketing and skills of marketing. They have the competence in comprehensively applying the related knowledge to discovering, analyzing and solving the practical problems in marketing. They can also get engaged in marketing and management such as marketing research, marketing planning, advertising planning, sales management.

Major Courses

Higher Mathematics, College English, Operations Research, Management, Statistics, Western Economics, Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Praxiology, Business Negotiations, Network Marketing, Sales Management, Advertising, International Marketing, Marketing Simulation Experiment.

Information Management and System Program

Training objectives and the employment orientation

The objective is to cultivate professionals with full development of morality, intelligence and physique to adapt to the demand of national economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development. Students in this major are to be with a noble and healthy personality, strong sense of national mission and social responsibility, generous professional foundation and humanistic quality. Innovation capability and leadership potential, good mathematics, management and theory of economy, knowledge of information technology and application ability, master of analyzing, designing, implementing and planning information system are required. Students are supposed to have the practical abilities to develop and utilize the information system and information resources. Ultimately, every student of this profession will be talents in the national government departments, research institutions and other organizations engaged in information system construction and information management of high-level.

Main professional courses:

Advanced Mathematics, College English, Linear Algebra A, Management Science, Principles of database system, Management statistics, IT Project Management, Object-Oriented Programming, Operations Research, ERP System, Economics, Management Information Systems, Information Resource Management, Information System Security, Comprehensive Development of Information system.

Introduction of The Economics Program

The economics Program is designed to cultivate students who are masters of basic theories of modern economy, basic knowledge, necessary ability and method so that graduates can use statistical measurement, financial and accounting theory as analysis tools. The program is closely in line with professional practice and places the emphasis on the ability of microeconomics analysis. The program could lead to a career in various types of service—oriented enterprises, financial sectors, analysis roles in the government comprehensive economic management departments.

Logistics Management Specialty

I. System and Degree

Three to six years, Bachelor of Administration

II. Cultivating objective and career orientation

This specialty aims to develop the students in all-round way including the morality, intelligence and physical health; to enable students to systematically master the basic theory and basic knowledge of logistics management, basic theory of logistics management, basic knowledge and the necessary operation of logistics management, logistics diagnosis, and logistics planning. Graduates may engage in practical work and research work of the logistics management in the related businesses, teaching, research institutes, government and other departments.

III. Specialty characteristics and basic requirements

1. Specialty characteristics

To cultivate advanced application-oriented engineers mastering solid professional knowledge

2. Basic requirements of knowledge

(1)Basic principles of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of the “Three Represents”;

(2)Solid knowledge of social science and basic knowledge of Natural Science;

(3)Theory and basic knowledge, including management, economics, operations research, accounting, probability theory and mathematical statistics of this professional field systematically;

(4) Basic theory and knowledge of this specialty, including the base of logistics management, third-party logistics management, planning of logistics management, management of supply chain, warehouse management, logistics information systems, etc.;

(5) Frontiers of logistics management specialty and trends; learning more knowledge of logistics management practices and regulations of domestic and international logistics management

3.Basic requirements of capacity

(1)Better cognitive abilities of science and some humanistic accomplishment and the ability of art appreciation;

(2) Abilities of using foreign language and computer;

(3) Self-learning ability and creative spirit, the ability of preliminary technological development and organizational management, and the ability of applying the theory with the practice;

(4)The ability of analyzing and solving problems;

(5)Ability of logistics management practice like logistics management diagnostics, logistics planning etc.;

(6)Spirit of innovation and the ability of the preliminary management science and research;

(7)Good communication skills, power of execution and social adaptability

IV. Degree courses

Advanced Mathematics, College Foreign Language, Linear Algebra, Operations Research, Management Principles, Accounting, Statistics, Technical Economics, Introduction to the Circulation of Commodities, Logistics, the Logistics System Planning and Design, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Information Management, Third-party Logistics Management, Integrated Logistics Simulation.

Electronic   Commerce

Educational objectives and occupational direction

The educational objective of the speciality is to train application-oriented compound talents, who are all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, and master of management,economics,law,computer,electronic commerce, humanistic spirit ,scientific literacy and integrity quality.

Students can engage in web design,website construction, website operation, e-marketing, customer relationship management,e-commerce project management, plan and operation of e-commerceactivities in enterprises and public institutions.

Major professional courses:

Advanced mathematics, college foreign language, linear algebra, management, Western Economics, database systems, e-commerce market simulation, operational research, network marketing basic and practice, e-commerce system planning and design, e-commerce management practices, e-commerce website construction, ERP and customer relationship management, e-commerce marketing writing practice.

Introduction of Law Major

Shenyang Ligong University (SLU) Law Major was officially inaugurated in March 2005 with the approval of China’s Ministry of Education and the enrolled full-time four-year students in autumn. The Law Major has been carrying out the SLU’s operation idea as “student-oriented cultivation, innovation and reinforcement features,” offering systematic and comprehensive structure of law knowledge and related practical skills to the students, aiming at fostering outstanding legal talents with solid foundation for the future tasks. With the achievements of academic prosperity and cultivating the finest legal talents as its goal, the Law Major has developed a system of disciplines with their own unique traits. Over the past decade, a significant number of alumni have become leaders in advancing China’s rule of law as government officials, judges, academics and corporate lawyers in many institutions and enterprises, making lasting contributions to the development of legal education and rule of law in China.