School Foreign Language

Brief Introduction

Formerly known as the staffroom of Foreign Languages Teaching and Research, Department of Foreign Languages and International Studies Branch of Institute of Shenyang Technology, School of Foreign Languages of Shenyang Ligong University (SFL) was founded in 1979. When the university was authorized to change its name into Shenyang Ligong University in May 2004, SFL got its present name. Despite its less than 30-year development, under the right leadership of the university party committee and the school, under the support of all the staff, SFL, devoted to its sound development, formed a positive team of solidarity, cooperation and courage in practice. SFL has taken the policies and regulations of the National Higher Education as guide; kept pace with the times; taken the promotion and development of SFL as the working targets, imparting knowledge and educating people as a long-term strategic task; formed a teaching staff with good political quality, noble moral character, excellent professional level and qualified teaching ability. SFL has become an advanced model at the university, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province and nationwide. 

SFL is constituted by 96 staff, including 5 professors, 22 associate professors, 5 teachers with doctor’s degree, 1 in doctor’s degree program, and 2 master teachers in Liaoning. It consists of 7 departments, 2 research institutes, English and Russian majors and a MTI major. SFL is also responsible for the teaching of college English to all undergraduates and postgraduates in the university.

SFL is well equipped with advanced teaching facilities—multi-media classrooms, modern digital language laboratories, simultaneous interpretation rooms, interpretation and translation laboratories, and etc. The reference room of SFL holds nearly 5000 copies of books and electronic materials, offering solid academic support for foreign language teaching and research.

SFL aims to deepen the reform of foreign languages teaching and cultivate students’ competence as well as their multiple skills, with the focus on teaching English majors on one hand, and teaching college English on the other hand, meanwhile abiding by the three “highlights” in practice as follows: the leading position of college English teaching; the training and teaching of English and Russian majors; the teaching of college English to undergraduates. Over years’ of effort, SFL has worked down-to-earth and made remarkable achievements in its teaching, professional ethics as well as moral construction. In 2004, the research project of provincial level “Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Education Brought by WTO and its Strategies” won the third place in the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” of educational achievements in Liaoning Province. In 2006, the textbook “College English Ladder English Listening Tutorial” won the second place in the “Excellent Teaching Material Award” by China North Industries Group Corporation. In 2007, Professor Yao Li — then Head of SFL — won “Master Teacher Award” of Liaoning Province; in the same year, the course of “College English” was appraised provincial-level High-Quality Course. In 2007, the “New Universal College English” —the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” serials textbooks compiled by SFL as member of the project team — was appraised national-level High-Quality textbook. In 2008, the course “Integrated Russian” was appraised provincial-level High-Quality Course; in the same year, “College English Teaching Group” was listed as provincial-level teaching group. In 2009, the project “Research on the Teaching of Improving Students’ Integral English Abilities Based on Modern Network Educational Technology” — certified by the Ministry of Education — won the second place in the “Excellent Teaching Achievement Award” in Liaoning Province. In 2012, Zhang Xiahong won “Master Teacher Award” of Liaoning Province; English major ranked the 4th in the Evaluation of Undergraduate Specialty in Liaoning in the same year. In 2013, Russian major ranked the 3rd in Evaluation of Undergraduate Specialty in Liaoning. The same year also saw the approval of English Literature as Liaoning Province excellent resource sharing course. Also in 2013, English major became a comprehensive experimental undergraduate major of Liaoning higher education.

SFL insists on promoting teaching by scientific research, and encourages teachers to apply the fruits of scientific research to teaching practice. In recent years, over 80 research projects of national, provincial and university levels have been finished or are still under research. Over 200 academic papers have been published. Dictionaries, textbooks, reference books, and translation books have been compiled. SFL is the testing center of TEM 4-Oral Test.

SFL places special emphasis on strengthening professional ethics and moral construction, improving teaching research, professionalism and responsibility and has formed a good atmosphere of dedication, diligence and conscientiousness. In 2006, Russian Major Department of SFL won the honorary title “model of five-golden-flower type dedicated to work” from the Shenyang Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. SFL was awarded “Top Ten Group” by Shenyang Education, Science, Culture and Health System in professional ethics building, and “Shenyang Advanced Group of Labors’ Professional Ethics Building”. In 2007, SFL got the “Labor Award of Shenyang”. In 2008, SFL was honored as “Pioneer Workers” by Liaoning Provincial Labor Union. In 2009, SFL was awarded the honorary title of “Achievement Model Post of National Female workers”.

SFL attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and has sent many teachers abroad, such as the United States, Britain, Russia and other countries for academic study, visit or exchanges, which has not only widened teachers’ horizons but also promoted faculty construction. In order to expand overseas education, SFL has already established cooperative relationships with University of Illinois at Chicago, New Zealand Institute of Technology, Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and Novosibirsk Geosciences University. The international cooperation improves the growth of the students in a global perspective as well as training the students as the applied talents to adapt to the international environment.

Academically SFL has been playing an important role in foreign language teaching in Liaoning Province. Currently, it is the Executive Council of Foreign Language Teaching and Research of Higher Education in Liaoning Province, member of Translation Council of Liaoning Province, member of International English Teaching and Research Association, member of English Teachers Association in Asia, member of Russian Teaching and Research Association in China, and member of Russian Teaching and Research Association in Liaoning Province.

Introduction to the Russian Major

The Russian Major in School of Foreign Languages of Shenyang Ligong University began its student enrollment in 2003. Over a decade, the Russian Major has gradually established its unique talent training mode: a combination of classroom teaching and extracurricular practice, a combination of Russian knowledge and foreign trade practice, and a combination of domestic training and foreign training.

The Russian Major aims to cultivate all-round talents morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. Students should systematically grasp the basic theory and knowledge in Russian language, have a good command of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills and gain proficiency in Russian foreign trade practices with innovative spirit and practical ability.

The Russian Major currently has one “Provincial Excellent Course” and one “University Excellent Course”. In 2013, it ranked the third at the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Scheme of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province. Besides, based on its Russian Pushkin language center and its Confucius College at the Russian National University of Tomsk, it has launched “2 + 1 + 1”, “2 + 2” and many other international cooperative programs. Up to now, 203 students have studied in Russia totally. Over the years, the pass rate in Test for Russian Majors Band four and eight has both stabilized at more than 85%. Graduates employment prospects are generally promising, and the pass rate of the entrance exams for postgraduate students is on the rise year by year. Some students have been admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai Foreign Language University, Jilin University and other famous universities in China.

Introduction to the English Major

The English Major in School of Foreign Languages of Shenyang Ligong University began its enrollment in 1998. Over a decade of exploration and practice, the English Major has made great progress in all aspects with major orientation and training objectives being clear and major development under healthy development.

Our major aims at providing the students with professional trainings, imparting solid theoretical knowledge and proficient English language skills, fostering their all-round development morally, intellectually and physically, in order to prepare them for the increasingly changing needs of socialist modernization. The English graduates should be able to engage in English oral and written translation and English teaching with good command of the basic knowledge of English language and translation skills, high comprehensive quality, knowledge of the cultural background of English speaking countries and practical experience. The English Major has been adhering to its training objective of cultivating students’ translation competence and practical abilities since its establishment.

After years’ of efforts, the English Major has made remarkable achievements. It has one “Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Course” and one “University Excellent Course”. In 2012, it ranked the fourth at the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Scheme of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province. In 2013, it was awarded as the “Undergraduate Comprehensive Reform Pilot” among the colleges and universities in Liaoning Province. The English Major also features its training program of International Registration of Chinese teacher qualification certificate, the “2+1+1” undergraduate student exchange program with universities in the United States and other countries, and internship program in America during summer holiday. All these specially designed programs not only provide a valuable opportunity for students, but also enrich the content of English teaching, which serve as the strong support for the English specialty construction.