Graduate School

Graduate School of Shenyang Ligong University is responsible for the enrollment, training, degree-awarding, employment, ideological education and management of graduate students. It is mainly in charge of application, examination and enrollment for all kinds of graduate students, and responsible for the organization and formulation of graduate training programs, the teaching management, the academic dissertation and defense, and the degree awarding of all disciplines (majors), and also responsible for the daily management, ideological education and employment guidance of graduate students.

Shenyang Ligong University was authorized as one of the third batch of universities entitled to award master degree by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council in 1986. Currently, the university has 1 doctoral talents development program serving national special needs, 1 center for post-doctoral studies, 1 station for post-doctoral research, 21 schools(teaching departments), 12 first level disciplines to award master’s degree, 47 second level disciplines to award master’s degree, as well as authorities to grant master degrees in Engineering (in 7 disciplinary fields), MBA, Finance, Accounting and English Translation. At present, there are 1462 PhD students and postgraduates, 37 postgraduate basic courses, and 906 specialized courses.

High quality faculties are working in the graduate school. Among all the faculties, there are 389 PhD student tutors and master degree student tutors, including 68 part-time tutors. At present, the graduate school has advanced innovation platforms for postgraduate education, including one national key laboratory of high technology research and development program (“863 program”), one national base for popular science education, 21 provincial key laboratories(provincial engineering & technology research centers). The graduate school has a certain number of joint training bases as internship platforms for the cultivation of professional degree postgraduate students.

Expanding the recruitment, the graduate school still puts the quality of postgraduate training in the first place, and puts the quality of training graduate students' creative ability in a prominent position.During the 12th Five Year Plan,according to the assessment requirement of degree authorization of academic degrees committee of the state council and the Ministry of Education, the graduate school has formulated and improved the regulations of document management, in order to meet the requirement of the assessment of degree authorization. These regulations include “Recruitment Management”, “Training Management”, “Degree Authorization”, “Discipline Management”, “Postgraduate Management”. The graduate school reforms continuously the training model of postgraduate, implements regulated management, perfects the assessment system of postgraduate and the mechanism of review and supervision of Master’s Degree’s dissertations, to improve the quality of dissertations. During the 12th Five Year Plan, the graduate school has 5 new excellent Master’s Degree’s dissertations in provincial level and 6 nominations of excellent Master’s Degree’s dissertations in provincial level. The graduate school always commits itself to enhance the construction of tutors’ team, improve the academic performance, scientific research competence and professional ethics of tutors. Meanwhile, the school continues to carry out the “Dual-tutorial System” under the program of  “production-study-research”. So, recently, the school is stepping up efforts to enhance the cooperation with Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Acadey of Sciences, in the aspect of cultivatiing the postgraduates. The school has perfected the system of scholarship and “Three-Grants” for postgraduates. As a result, the graduation rate of postgraduates is rising year by year, and the graduation rate lies in top of Liaoning Province. The graduate school has 5 new excellent Master’s Degree’s dissertations in provincial level and 8 nominations of excellent Master’s Degree’s dissertations in provincial level, 4 Liaoning Innovation Projects, 3 Second prizes, 9 third prizes in China Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling; 33 prizes in specil, first, second, third, excellent level. Strengthening scientific ethics and style construction, the scholl guides students through the activities comply with the academic standards, adheres to academic integrity, and improves academic personality, to maintain academic integrity and abandon academic misconduct.

In recent years, the school attaches great importance to the internationalization of graduate education.Foreign students have been carried out in the culture, "International Trade", "Electronics and Communication Engineering" and other professionals, to promote international exchanges and cooperation.

Focusing on the future, we will give full play to our own advantages and characteristics of the school, and the community needs the world and the future, in order to improve the quality of culture as the core. We will build the graduate college into an important base for the culture of high-level expertise, establish Postgraduate Education culture brand, and struggle for building our school in to a multidisciplinary teaching and research university .