College of Mechanical Engineering

I.General Information

College of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest colleges of the university. During its development of half a century, it always adheres to factualism and innovation as well as pioneering spirit. There are three majors for bachelor’s degree: Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation; Mechatronics engineering and Industrial engineering, the first of which has been the model major of Liaoning Province, one of the centers of national characteristic specialty, the model experimenting center for mechanic engineering and the teaching team was given the title of “Mechanic Design Team of Liaoning”. There is one first-level master degree program for mechanical engineering, which includes three second-level master degree programs: Mechanical manufacturing & automation, Machinery design and theories, Mechatronics engineering. As for Mechanical manufacturing & automation, the college is entitled to grant its master degree in 1986 and it has been classified into the key subjects of Liaoning in 2002. As for Machinery design and theories, the college is entitled to grant its master degree in 1993 and it has been classified into the key subjects of Liaoning in 2008. For the last one, the college is entitled to grant its master degree in 1995. The first-level of mechanic engineering was the one of the first subjects which has got the national qualification of granting master degree. The college was qualified for granting engineering master degrees for mechanic engineering field in 2002. Mechanic engineering has become the characteristic specialty of Liaoning in 2011. At present, the college has one national base for Sino-Russian science and technology cooperation and eight provincial key labs and engineering centers. Two of the teams have been granted “Innovation team of Liaoning Province” and one reseaching team was given the title of “Excellent Teaching Team of Liaoning”.

II. Majors

There are three majors for bachelor’s degree: Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation; Mechatronics engineering and Industrial engineering.

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is the model major of Liaoning Province, one of the centers of national characteristic specialty. Students in this major focus on the study of basic theory of mechanic design and manufacturing, microelectronic technique, computer science and information processing. They are trained as modern mechanic engineers, and they learn to design, manufacture mechanic products and control equipment and the ability of producing, organizing and managing. When they graduate, they will grasp the theory and the application of mechanic design and manufacturing. They can design, manufacture, develop, research, manage and market mechanic products concerning mechanic manufacturing fields. Students majoring in this will study engineering mechanics, mechanic design theory, electrotechnics & electron technology, computer science and application, mechanic engineering material, manufacturing techniques, etc.

Mechatronics engineering aims at electromechanical integration. Students learn to grasp automation of mechanical industry, power and electron technology and computer science and its application. When they graduate, these professionals can work in the fields such as operating mechanical equipment, designing and developing mechanical and electrical products, assisting computer design, managing computer, and controlling robots. Students will study dynamics, mechanics, microelectronics, power and electron technology, signal processing technology, computer application, information processing, modern design method, etc. They are educated as modern engineers, who are qualified for designing, developing, manufacturing, operating, experimenting and managing mechanical and electrical products.

Industrial engineering mainly deals with production process. It aims at enhancing productivity, guaranteeing quality and reducing of the cost. It pays special attention to the research of human involvement, which plays an active role in the production. Students are trained to have the knowledge of modern industrial engineering and the ability of systematic management. They can undertake the task of planning, designing, evaluating and innovating managerial system concerning production, operation and service. Basic theory and knowledge of industrial engineering are taught and students are trained to analyze and solve real problems by means of industrial engineering theory. They will have the basic ability of developing and designing managerial system. Subjects for this major include: fundamentals of electrotechnics, basics of mechanical design, operational research, system engineering theory, principles of management, marketing, accounting, financial management, management information system, etc.

III. Laboratories of the college

The college attaches great importance to teaching and research. There are nine teaching and research sections, eleven technological research rooms, one library and one laboratory center. The laboratory is named as “Liaoning provincial model mechanical engineering laboratory center”, which includes the “digital control processing lab”, the “cutting and special processing lab”, the “fluid transmission and control lab”, the “precision measurement lab (PMEL)”, the “testing technique lab”, the “mechanical system design lab”, the “mechanical foundation lab”, the “physical distribution lab” and the “human factors engineering lab”.

IV. Staff

Staff in this college is well structured. The teachers are active in academic thoughts and are capable of teaching and doing research. There are 116 staff members in the college, among whom 26 teachers are professors; 45 teachers are associate professors; 32 teachers have doctor’s degree. One teacher was given the title of “National Excellent Teacher”;4 teachers are granted the “Special allowance of the state Council”; 11 teachers were listed in “Liaoning Talents Engineer”; 2 teachers were given the title of “ Liaoning Innovative Talents”; 2 teachers were chosen as “Provincial Teaching Master” in Liaoning province; 1 teacher was listed in the “Training Program for Distinguished Scholars” in Liaoning Province; 6 teachers were chosen as “ Talented Young Teachers” in Liaoning Province; 2 teachers were offered the title of “Excellent Experts” in Liaoning province; 3 teachers were chosen as “Excellent Technician” in Shenyang City. 4 teachers are student advisors for doctor’s degree; 71 teachers are student advisors for master’s degree; 28 teachers go abroad to pursue study.

V. Scientific Research

Teachers in the college have undertaken a great number projects in recent years. These projects include national key projects, 863 program projects and the national natural science fund projects. Research programs are sponsored mainly by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the General Armament Department, State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry, China North Industries Group Corporation, Chinese Equipment Industry Group , Liaoning province and Shenyang city. The research fields in the college include high speed cutting and CNC processing technology, precision and special processing technology for new material, micro-manufacturing and information equipment, automatic assembly technique, measurement and control technology of mechanical system, design and manufacturing of digital network, modern design theory and applied technology, intelligent machine and detection technology, etc. These research directions have already formed their own characteristic and achieved a great number of results. Some of these achievements have reached the international advanced level and many of them are applied in the enterprises. During years of teaching and researching, our college has produced a group of academic leaders and experts in fields of mechanical engineering and weapon manufacturing in Liaoning, even in the whole country.

VI. Students cultivating

There are about 2500 undergraduate students studying in the college and about 300 graduates. Emphasis is put on the engineering education and engineering training. Thus students not only grasp basic theory and systematic knowledge, but also learn to solve real problems. As numeric control technology and computer technology etc. are used increasingly and widely, the college set up Numeric Control Training Center, Mechanical and Electrical Applied Technology Training Center for Shenyang Ligong university and German FESTO and CAD/CAM Engineering Software Application Training Center. These training centers provide convenient access for students who want to grasp advanced technology equipment and engineering software. In addition, the college has set up students’ science and technology innovation activity center to provide opportunity for students who are interested in scientific research and technology innovation. It plays an active role in enhancing students’ innovation ability.